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"The Exact Blueprint To How An Average College Kid Makes $52 An Hour Or MORE Playing Poker Cash Games Online - Learn From A Cash Game Poker Pro"
by Sean Moronse
"Professional Online Cash Game Poker Player and Author"
If you are finally ready to start profiting from your long hours at the online cash games, then I urge you to listen to what I have to say. In the past four years I have taught myself how to become a winning poker cash game player both online and in home/casino cash games.
You are currently making mistakes at the table that are costing you money. I will teach you how to fix them using my proven methods!
Dear Aspiring Poker Professional,
I understand how playing cash games can be. One moment you can be on top of the world, then with the turn of 1 card your whole bankroll is gone. Are you sick and tired of losing your bankroll online week after week? What if I told you I could teach you how to turn yourself into a poker cash game playing machine that dominates 95% of your games? It's possible my friend, I will teach you my exact system that I use to profit from online cash games night after night.
With my brand new Cash Game Genius Guide I will teach you how to win $52 or more an hour playing cash games online.
I've done it all, MTT's, Sit-N-Go's, and Cash Games. The quickest way to make money playing poker online is by using my online cash game strategy! It's fool proof!
Just look at the types of cashouts Sean Moronse was able to process using the strategies we outline

Over $10,000 in cash outs processed. His overall profits after the buy-ins was over $9,000!
In just 120 days he had an overall ROI of 301% and profits of $17,682 from playing poker online This doesn't include his live poker earnings!
You can achieve similar results, all you need to have is the drive to succeed and to know the strategy and secrets online pro's use to make serious money week after week!
I'm not here to give you useless information that is never going to be used, I am here to show you information that could change your life! 90% of online poker plays go in with the assumption that they are going to LOSE. They are playing for fun, and just like the casino many of them are preoccupied, intoxicated, or tired. It is your job to capitalize on these players and WIN! After my two large MTT wins I started to realize poker is what I WANTED to do. I wanted to completely learn every aspect of the game and learn how to dominate day in and day out. I decided if I was going to be able to bring in a stable income playing online poker I needed to learn how to consistently beat cash poker games and Sit-N-Go's.
I went on a mission to learn EVERY aspect of cash games and player tendencies.
For the past year I've been studying the following
  • Cash Game Poker Strategy
  • Online Cash Game Bankroll Requirements
  • Cash Game Player Tendencies
  • Cash Game Poker Rakeback
  • Cash Game ROI (Return on investment per hour)
  • Cash Game Advanced Play
  • When It's Time To Move Up Stakes In Cash Games
  • How To Consistently Win Cash Games To Produce A REAL HOURLY RATE, Just like A 9-5 Job
You see... I'm a smart guy and I realized if I want to provide myself with the best life has to offer I need to learn how to make a CONSISTENT income from poker. I couldn't go ask for a mortgage for my house and tell the loan officer... well.. I win large multi-table-tournaments every once in a while. I needed SOLID proof that I make significant annual income from playing poker. For that reason I learned how to completely dominate poker cash games hour after hour.. day after day.
How would it feel it you got a check like this every two weeks from playing cash games online?
Using My Unique Cash Game Strategy You Can Make REAL, Practically GUARANTEED
Night After Night!
I've studied EVERY aspect of cash game poker and put everything in an easy to read guide anyone can understand. It doesn't matter WHERE you are in poker right now. You could be a breakeven player, constant losing player, or a winning player. My guide will boost any level player to the next level. This guide will set a plan for you that you can STICK to and finally make stable money playing poker. I know some of you may say, "But I'm not trying to make 100% of my income through poker, I just want to win when I play!" I COMPLETELY understand and actually agree. Being a professional poker is not easy. I've been extremely fortunate and thankful to be where I am today. If you're just trying to be a consistent winner part-time or when you play, this guide will also benefit you very well. No longer will you have to click the "Deposit" button when you first sit down onto your computer. Instead, you'll be deciding whether or not to withdraw your winnings, or move up to the next level of cash games. Now, I know some of you may say, "But Sean.. I want to win $3500 or more in a MTT like you did in the pictures above..
Can you teach me how to do that?"
Yes! This is my LATEST website and packaged guide. I will include my award winning MTT Guide Bonus and my brand new 2011 Online Cash Game Strategy Guide.
You'll be armed with EVERYTHING you need to dominate MTTs and Cash Games.
I still play MTT's on a weekly basis and do quite well in them still to this day. I play cash games to pay my bills and use my MTT wins as money to buy luxuries such as TV's, Traveling, Casino Trips, New Car, and soon a new house!

Any successful online poker player will tell you in order to really make it and be PRO, you need to learn how to dominate cash games on a daily basis. That's what this guide will teach you!
Recent Statistics

543% ROI ( Return on Investment ) and total ranking of 5,639 out of 506,185 players!

Isn't it time you learned to step up your game?
Check out our latest testimonials from players that have bought my course
I was so sick and tired of online poker when I found your website. All I did was deposit and then lose $50 every night. I started using your cash game strategy and won $285 my first night! Feels amazing to cash out!! Thanks bro ---- Chuck Janson from Las Vegas, NV
This cash game strategy really works!! I've been looking for something like this I can just follow for a long time, and I finally found it. I love tracking my cash game results to see I'm winning money on a daily basis. Thank YOU ---- David Grocous from New Orleans, LA
Sean, just wanted to send you a quick e-mail. Both of your guides are great! I've been making an average of $48 per hour for the last 3 weeks! Your strategy is so easy to follow and it really works! I finally feel like I have an EDGE over the other players. ---- Alex J from Canada
"Sean, your course has changed the way I think about poker. Before buying your course I looked at poker completely different then I do now. I consistently make $400 dollars per night. I even won $1050 in an MTT! Thanks for everything!"
--Jeff from Kentucky

"$4129 is how much I won three nights after reading your course. I love MTT's.. Thank you so much for teaching me how to be patient and how to outplay my weak opponents. I love your aggressive but patient style.. THANKS SEAN!!"
-- Charlie from Canada
POKERSTARS NOW!! I feel like that program on my computer is an ATM machine. Thanks for all your help.. Those TURBO SNGS and TURBO MTT's is where the money is at. I'll let you know when I'm at the WSOP."
-- Brian (New Hampshire, CT)

for 1st Place in Pokerstars
Sean Moranse pictured in the middle after his $7292.00 for 1st Place in Pokerstars
33+3 rebuy tourney!! Sean has become a popular icon in the Atlanta area poker scene!
As I am sure you can realize now, poker is a game I take very serious. It has given me a lot of money, fame, and confidence. I am sure that you can do the same too as long as you follow my guide step-by-step.
What has poker done for me?
  • Able to move out into my own place! Feels great!
  • Brand new car!! I love my new Jeep!
  • Paid for college completely. At least I have something to fall back on now!
  • Took my girlfriend and parents on a shopping spree!
  • Partied like a rockstar!
If you are so rich, why are you charging for this course?
Great question, I am charging $ 47.00 for this packaged course and not giving it away for a couple of reasons.
  • I am teaching you lessons that have cost myself thousands of dollars in mistakes, guides, and hundreds of hours of learning.
    I'm including my brand new 2011 Online Cash Game Strategy Guide that teaches you how to win $52 an hour or MORE playing cash
    games online. I'm also including my MTT guide and Cash Game Genius Tracker FREE of charge.
  • Anyone who will not pay $47.00 to turn themselves into a winning poker player is not truly serious about improving their game.
    I only want future winners reading my course.
  • Do you think a bowling pro gives lessons for free? What about a golf pro, are his lessons free? Nope and neither are mine.
    Nothing in life is free, but I can promise you that you get a very good value for your money.
If you're serious about changing your poker game forever and finally cashing out instead of depositing then click below to buy my course today.
I completely explain how to win online poker. After reading my guide, you will sit down at the table with confidence and WIN.
Bonus #1 - How To Crush MTT's
With your purchase today you'll receive Sean Moronse's guide to crushing MTT tournaments.

Sean has WON tournaments with over 1000 competitors in them and he will teach you the SECRETS to outlast 99% of the field and crush the final table.
Bonus #2 - Live and Online Poker Tells
This guide was created by Sean Moronse to show the most common live and online poker tells. Use this to your advantage to crush your opponents!
Bonus #3 - Official Cash Game Genius Excel Cash Game Tracker Chart
Been thinking of how you are going to track how you are doing using the Cash Game Genius Course? We got it all worked out for you! We have worked very hard to program EVERYTHING you need to track your results. You'll instantly be able to see your stats for ITM (In The Money), ROI(Return On Investment), and Total Profit/Loss. Amazing tool to keep track of your results!
Click on the order button below to receive Sean Moronse's Cash Game Genius Course, Official Cash Game Genius Excel
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Best of all, the course comes with a 100% money back guarantee! No risk to you at all to TRY!
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100% Guarantee
If you completely follow my guide I will turn you into a cash game poker machine. There is no reason why you should not be able to make a great income from poker month after month. I will teach you how to read your opponents, the right hands to wait for, the right situations to wait for, and my poker philosophy that has taken me from rags to riches. I play poker roughly eight hours a day, every day. There are days that I do not win any money, but there has never been a month go by in the last two years where I have lost money. I will teach you my methods that will ensure you are a long term winner from now and the rest of your poker career. If you follow my guide completely and do not show profit over two months, I will completely refund your money.
I hope you truly see the value I have put together for you today. This course could really change the way you look at poker completely different. It's time to stop gambling and start winning.

All the best,

Sean Moronse

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P.P.S. Remember, this course is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. If my course does not turn you into a winner, then simply provide your poker user name and we will completely refund the price of the course to you. No risk at all to you, this is a WIN-WIN situation!

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